Saturday, April 03, 2004

ACK! Almost forgot the Reality Show Update!

Survivor: Bye bye Jerri. It's about time - couldn't stand her last time, couldn't stand her this time. She held her tongue more this time, but still - I didn't want her going any further in the game. And how Godfather is Rob? "You take care o' her, I take care o' you" - and everyone's afraid they'll wake up with a horse's head if they don't keep Amber. What exactly does Amber see in this guy? I'd set Alicia up with him before Amber.

AI: Yeah, the Hobbit's still in the game! But sorry, big redheaded dude - you're going next, I'm afraid. Unless the theme next week is Tony Bennett - you never know. I'm still waiting for Manilow night - that'll be a keeper! ("Oooooh came and you gave without taking....")

Apprentice: Ooooh, I can't wait till next week. I bet the last two (my guess - Bill and Amy) have to negotiate with Omarosa for their final challenge. Brilliant twist - Mark Burnett is awfully good at this stuff, isn't he?


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