Friday, April 23, 2004

Pot Stirrer

Go Shi Ann! You take your bad self and stir things up. What have you got to lose? I'm glad Alicia's gone. She's strong, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like her in person. "You have to come back and live with us.." she warns Shi Ann. Hey sweetie, what's more relevant is that YOU have to go back and live with HER!

Rob M is growing on me, but not that much. I'm actually not that crazy about anyone left. I'm surprised Rupert won the reward challenge. I would've been saying, "Me! Ram a wooden pole through my clay face!" because that challenge was not a reward in any way - it was designed to heighten tension. It's annoying that it looks like Rupert, Jenna, Rob and Amber are going to be in the final four. I still wish Kathy'd been able to stage a coup. Rob just might win after all, and while he has played hard, it's still annoying.


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