Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Ack! Did you see this? Eyeball jewelry? What if your look changes? What if your little metal celtic knot clashes with your ballgown? Do you take a big strong magnet and pull the thing out? Ick.

We're off to Portland tomorrow. Flying with the rugrat is not the easiest thing. He gets his own seat, fortunately, but he's a bit peeved that he has to be belted into his car seat when we're sitting right next to him and not holding him, especially me with my tasty boob that could just as well be in his mouth. But I did buy this Mickey Mouse personal fan where the blades are foam, so you can stick your finger in them and be just fine, and the middle lights up like a rotating ferris wheel. I'm hoping it will hypnotize him into submission. And if that doesn't work, "Hey sweetie, this baby benadryl tastes juuussst like bubble gum!"


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