Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Mumble Mumble

I've been kind of interested in the way the Blogger ads change at the top of this page depending on what I write. For a while, they were for Wiggles merchandise, after I wrote about the Wiggles. Then for Coke products, after I mentioned Diet Coke. Then baby products. But now it's suggesting I have problems with dyslexia. Sheesh, everyone's a critic. Maybe when it sees the title of this one it'll suggest speech therapy.

Today was hot, so I tried to put sandals on the munchkin. To put them on, I had to take off the socks he slept in. He freaked. He didn't seem to mind his sandals so much as the fact that I took his socks off. A moment prior, he'd been happily eating his fake soy burger, and now tears were rolling down his face and he was gesturing wildly to the socks I'd so heartlessly removed. I asked, "You want the socks back on?" He cried, "Yeah!!" OK, fine, socks go back on, I don't care. But he had the same reaction when I took off his top to eat spaghetti - I figured, it was hot and spaghetti's messy, we're taking a bath after this anyway, might as well avoid tomato sauce stains on the shirt. "WAAAAHHH!" He grabbed the shirt and tried to cover himself with it. I thought babies liked to be naked. He is so darn modest. I don't know why - he's got an awfully cute little belly.

AI: Diana's growing on me, I must say. I missed what Simon said about John, but I take it that it was respectful. Jasmine, thank you for getting rid of the silly flower, but you didn't do well. I missed Latoya too because I was getting all the darn Costco stuff out of the trunk. I want them to get back to the Ford commercials 'cause that Subway one was just silly. Yeah, Fantasia's gonna dig working at Subway.


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