Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Oh the pressure! Every watch QVC? So I've been waiting until today for the scrapbooking special value, which is only sold today, and I switch on QVC for the first time. They showcase different stuff for about 10 minutes, showing you how to use it, and how wonderful it is, and the host keeps saying things like, "We started out with 10,000 and we only have 1500 left! So call now!" Then they talk to people who call to order who say things like, "I had no idea that envelope maker had so many options!" They sold something insane like 57,000 of what I wanted, but they weren't sold out. You gotta wonder how many they have. I had to buy it by 11:59pm EST, so of course by the time I remembered about it, I had something like 13 minutes left. I had to go through the whole Becoming a Member of QVC rigamarole, but I got my order in. Phew!

In other news:
AI: Excuse me? AI is postponed because GWB wants to talk to the press? At least I can finally catch Gilmore Girls.

Survivor: Sorry Lex. I still like you. But Boston Rob did the same thing to you that you did to Ethan. I can only hope everyone else sees this and realizes they can't trust Rob and boots his and Amber's bony ass outta there. C'mon Kathy - rally the forces. I hate it when one tribe just overtakes the other.

The Apprentice: Let's see a show of hands...how many people think Omarosa was told to screw up? My sister floated that theory and I think she's on to something. Kwame is supposed to step up to the plate and fire her, but he's not doing it and I think that's gonna cost him. My money's on Bill.


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