Friday, April 16, 2004

Toddler Recreation

Between Music Together classes, Wiggles tickets and new books, we've spent over $200 in the last month on entertainment for A. And here's what entertained him this morning:

  • Putting gravel, piece by piece, through the cyclone fence so that it would be inside the dog park instead of outside the dog park.

  • Walking through the parking lot touching every license plate asking, "Caw?" Every so often I'd try to throw him off by answering, "No, that's a duck." But he's no fool and gave me that sideways glance that says he's just barely tolerating my presence and would have preferred to be by himself but needed me to drive.

  • Walking up hill, sliding a bit, applauding when he got to the top, and then coming back down, sliding more.

  • Watching the dogs frolicking. I was glad he wasn't a bit older because some of their frolicking would have necessitated an early explanation of the birds and the bees.

  • Watching squirrels either play or fight. I wasn't sure which but they looked like they were wrestling, and I don't know if squirrels wrestle. Maybe they were just taking a cue from the dogs.

    This, of course, was all free, if a tiny bit boring for Mom (really, only the Gravel Relocation Program was boring. The dogs were cute and the squirrels were funny).

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