Saturday, April 17, 2004

Get Ready to Wiggle!

Yep, we saw the Wiggles today! A was enthralled - for a full hour he stared at the stage, and eventually even joined in the clapping.

(Excuse me while I go shoot the guy who is working next door. It's 9:30pm and he's been revving the engine of his piece-of-crap orange truck for OVER AN HOUR. He does this EVERY NIGHT. Then he, blessedly, drives away. Twice tonight we heard big bangs that shook the house and G even climbed into the attic to see if something had fallen through the roof. It was probably Orange Truck Guy doing something stupid. I don't know what it was.

OK, he's gone now. It's his lucky day. Next time, I'm not kidding, I'm shooting him. Back to the Wiggles...)
The best parts:

  • Captain Feathersword doing imitations of Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan and Metallica singing "Cockadoodledo." That came right about the time in the concert where most parents were getting wiggled out, so the timing was good.

  • Henry the Octopus didn't have any songs.

  • Murray and Jeff went into the audience to collect roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur ("for safety reasons" she didn't go herself - guess she's had some death threats or something) and we were literally 2 feet from Murray. He waved at A. And I didn't have my camera.

    Strangest parts:

  • The big blow up doll of Jeff. No one else had a blow up doll - just Jeff. They blew it up and deflated it a couple times. And then they deflated it on stage and it fell on Anthony. I think it was supposed to happen because it was sort of slapstick, but the implications are just weird.

  • They had the same dancers they have on the show - including Mr. Bobblehead. You who watch the show - you know who I'm talking about. The manic guy who jerks his head while he dances. His hair, though, is dark now. Even in a big eagle costume, you could tell which one he was because the beak kept jerking around.

  • The dancers were bouncing around on these really cool FURRY hippity-hops. Where do I get one of those?

    G was a bit disappointed they didn't drive out in the Big Red Car. But the stage was quite small, and the set cheap. Big blow-up stalagmites, and of course, the big blow up Jeff. People make big signs and the Wiggles make a valiant attempt to read them all. Next time we'll know. And next time, we're springing for the Hot Potato section (and a beer). All in all, it was quite enjoyable.

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