Saturday, January 05, 2008

Now is Greater and She Knows That

(I'm big on the REM lyrics as Blog Post Titles right now)

Last night G. sat on the couch next to me for some "quality time."

G: Let's go look at tires online.

Me: ....grumble...grumble...roll eyes....OK.


Me: OK, there they are.

G: OK, those prices aren't too bad. Now let's go to

We stumbled around that site a little until we found the hammered paint for the gate outside.

G: What color would you paint it?

Me: Black. Same as it is now.

G: OK.

Me: Anything else you want to look at?

G: Well, we could go to the IRS site. (he wasn't kidding)

Me: Yeah, what would be more fun than The IRS!

We watched an episode of Heroes instead. But I could tell he'd rather be poking around the IRS site.


HeyItsBeej said...

Diggin' the new look up there! I need to hire you to spruce up Beejland. :g:

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