Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A.'s Decorating Tips for Kindergartners

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Are your parents not enthusiastic enough about your school work? Do you not get enough praise for your hard work? Try decorating the house with your school papers! Here are some tips:

1. Do your decorating after bedtime. Be quiet about it.
2. Use all the scotch tape in your supply. Don't ask Mama for more because that will just make her suspicious.
3. Tape your school work up in places they frequent the most - the bathroom, the hallway, the pantry.
4. Don't forget to put some in unexpected places, too - like the dining room.
5. Put a math one on your dad's closet so he won't need to use a calculator anymore.
6. Fall asleep and don't say anything about it.

They'll be thrilled when they go to bed and find the house covered in your school papers!


Brandii said...

Now THAT'S funny!

Sarah O. said...

Your kids are too cute and you are too funny!

Boobless Brigade Master said...

LOL. I love it!
I remember when Daisy was 5, I took a nap and she took all of her artwork off the wall because she made new ones while I slept and wanted to put them up instead. Except she couldn't find the scotch tape and opted to use the superglue in the tool drawer to accomplish her goal.
Yeah. When we moved out of that apartment I had to borrow my neighbors sander to get them off and repaint in order to get my deposit back.
Ya gotta love a little Picasso in the making:)

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