Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 15 - Halfway There

So I just finished Season 1 of Heroes, and that is one badass show. It was awesome. I even skipped Grey's Anatomy to finish the finale. I can watch Grey's tomorrow. I love that the networks are putting the shows online for those of us who don't have Tivo. And shouldn't Lost be starting soon?

I am taking the plunge and coloring my hair. Remember the angst about what color my hair was? I got tired of it and the increasing gray and I'm trying an "all natural" hair color that hopefully will brighten up the red a little, cover the gray, and make me look like I'm related to my son.

A. has been very into delivering "mail" lately. After we kiss him goodnight, he sneaks out his markers and paper and makes mail for all of us in his bedroom. I got a "Happy Thanksgiving" card tonight (he did come out briefly to ask "How do you write Happy Thanksgiving? I know it has an F in it..."), a sheet with "Go Mama Go Mama" and some big hearts with "A. loves Mama." Very sweet. Ben also gets mail delivered to his crib. I'll go in to pull his covers up and he'll be covered with 3-4 sheets of paper saying, "A. loves Ben," the alphabet and some shapes - "So he can learn," A. tells us. We tape them to the wall above Ben 's crib.

Then A. tells us, "You know, you could make me some mail, too, if you wanted to." If he tells us this around 9pm, when we're saying, "OK, buddy, really, you have to stay in bed," he expects mail by 10pm. I made a little picture of us holding hands and wrote "Mama loves A." It's a really cute phase but it sure does use a lot of paper.


Carrie said...

For the past couple of years, I've taken to highlights, lowlights, and as happened yesterday, the all-over semi-permanent color. My hair just isn't as RED as it was when I was a kid. Or a teenager. Or, heck, in my twenties. I believe I've reached the slow-fade that all the redheads in my family seemed to have experienced--men anyway. Who knows the natural color for any of the the women's hair. :)

In regards to A's obsession with mail, when my niece went through a similar phase, my sister covered a shoebox to make Abigail a "mailbox." Abs would then stash all the notes she'd written as well as the junk mail she hoarded in her box to divvy out in the morning.

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