Saturday, November 17, 2007

We recently bought a really nice (for us) gas range. I'm excited about it because our current range was new with the house but it's the cheapest of the cheap, didn't even have an indicator showing when the oven had reached the set temperature, and has recently decided it can't tolerate heat above 300 degrees, if at all. Sometimes it just doesn't turn on at all. Last night I ended up moving the pan of roasting vegetables out to our grill and I'm still trying to clean the torched-on food off the pan.

So it took them a week and a half to deliver it. I said, "OK, you can deliver it Saturday, but it has to be before 3pm because we're leaving. Anytime before 3pm is fine. We'll be here all day before that."

Day before delivery they call: "We'll be delivering sometime between 1 and 4 tomorrow."

Me: "Um, ok, but it had better be before 3pm. Any time, all day long, until 3pm." They had to install it and hook up the gas, and we were leaving around 3:45pm.

Them: "I'll put a note to try to do it before 3, but of course we can't guarantee it."

I said, "OK, but if they get here after 3:30pm, we won't be here. Just so you know."

Today at 3:50pm as we're locking the front door, the phone rings. We hear the answering machine click on....."This is Airport Appliance and we'll be there in 10 minutes." Click.

G and I to each other, "Oh well." And left. When we got home there was a note and a message on the machine saying, "Our delivery person is standing in front of your house."

Now they say they'll deliver it Tuesday, but what do you want to bet they manage to arrive in the 10 minute window at 2:35pm during which we pick up A. from school? We may have a cold Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, I take that back - we can always grill it.


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