Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 3

I'm on Pacific Time, remember, so it's still Day 3 here.

Ben picked up Neighbor Baby's chew toy (I guess it's a teething toy if it's a baby's and not a dog's) that the baby had dropped and handed it back to him, telling him, "But das da las' time!"

Ben to A., thrusting his belly out towards him: I'm gonna kill ya wif my belly-button!

A., playing with older boys, has picked up the "killing" game. I won't buy him toy guns, so he builds them with his legos, and he and his little friends "kill" each other. I hate it and although I won't forbid it, tell him why I don't like it. I also tell Ben, Master Imitator, that we don't say we're going to kill each other in this family.

So he tries to come up with other things to say when he's mad. If he's mad at me, he usually ends up snarling, "You are da worst!"

To A., he's made the belly-button comment and he's also yelled, "You are not going to give me away, Aidan!" I heard the entire fight, by the way, and A. never said anything about giving Ben away. It was just all he could think of at the moment.

And I leave you with a picture of the banner A. made for my birthday last weekend:


Boobless Brigade Master said...

Dang it all!
I suck! (In a bad way this time!)

Happy Be-lated!
Hope you had a great day:)

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