Monday, November 26, 2007

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel for Topics

Sarah reminded me of our oven saga. We still haven't seen our oven, and we bought it almost a month ago. The first two they delivered had big scratches on the door, and for the money we spent we expect the scratch to at least be on the side.

Then the delivery guy said there weren't any more in the warehouse and suggested that we cancel our order. However, just the previous day, a different delivery guy told me there were several in the warehouse. I think the warehouse said, "Screw these guys. They're never happy and we don't feel like delivering any more ovens to them."

The salesperson was on our side (I bet he was - he doesn't get his commission if we cancel our sale), and said he'd send out another one. We haven't heard anything since. So Thanksgiving was a challenge, but it worked. Having a dinner party on Saturday was more of a challenge. The oven wouldn't get above 300 degrees and the fish wasn't cooking through. I told G. to fire up the grill, but we're out of propane. Out came the microwave for the finishing touches - i.e. destruction of possible illness-inducing bacteria.


Sarah O. said...

This NaBloPoMo business of blogging daily fosters barrel bottom scraping. But hey, thanks for linking my sorry blog!

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