Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Published on Wednesday, 11/21, I Swear!

This is annoying - I've been diligent about posting every day, and for some reason blogger thinks I did two posts on Tuesday, and none on Wednesday. If someone from NaBloPoMo is checking, I swear - I wrote the Santa one on Tuesday and the pumpkin pie one on Wednesday. Maybe it's a west coast time kind of thing.


How to make a Pumpkin Pie, by A. He relates the recipe he learned in kindergarten.

4 eggs
1 can of "pumpk" (he swears this is what it's called when it's in a can - his teacher told him this and she's never wrong and he never misunderstands her :::insert rolling eyes here::::)
2 cans of Dissolvable Milk (I think he means evaporated, but see above)

First you need to crack the eggs and then put the powder and sugar and cinnamon in, and then put in the can of "pumpk" and then you need to pour the 2 cans of dissolvable milk. First one, then the other. Then you mix it all together. Then you bake it at 100 degrees for an hour.


Sarah O. said...

Seriously, my abs (which must be somewhere under the padding) hurt from laughing over this and yesterday's posts.

I told Mr. Lemony today that I'd have to find a pumpkin pie recipe. I think I'll try A.'s if I can find canned pumpk at the Safeway.

Gary Oxford said...

It sounds like I've been overbaking mine for years. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

Carrie said...

A. definitely has a future. Look at Rachael Ray. :)

Boobless Brigade Master said...

I love kid recipes!
One of Daisy's elementary school teachers compiled a bunch of kid recipes and put together a lil' cookbook. Although it never made the best-seller or Oprah's Book Club...it's still one of my favorite books to read.

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